A new blog, a new year…

Since I had the last blog, linked above on page, for the last two years, I thought I would start a second one for a new year!  It’s amazing what new years will do for a person.  You hear all about resolutions, what people promise themselves, sometimes I think that it just leads to disappointment.  Disappointment to those you share your resolutions with and to yourself.  This year I have not made any resolution to big, only a list of things I want to try harder to achieve.

A few of the many are to be more present with my four babies and husband.  Life will always be crazy, but time with them passes too quickly and I want to enjoy more of the little moments that make up our life!

Make more time for me, and be ok with letting some things slide.  Since having Emerson I have not made much time for me, in the way of exercise or hobbies, atleast not without guilt and frustration at what I had to give up to give myself those things.  Its not fair to me, nor my family because it just causes a not so happy mommy.

In relation to the previous I am going to try to give myself a little break.  I am going to realize the things I do, big and small are perfect for my family, and enough…and that not everything has to be to the standard that other people set.  I am going to praise myself a little more and find happiness in what I do for my family and not focus on what I feel I do not do.

I am going to try to be more patient.  I have to admit, the first step right, I am not the most patient person, mother and wife.  I want to give that gift to my family and me.

The list above will probably evolve and morph into more, but for now these are things I feel in my heart are most important.

In 2014 I want health and happiness for me and my family…number one!  I love these four babies and husband with all that I am.  I could not imagine my life any other way…here is to embracing chaos and loving life!

To view the last two years on other blog there is a link to Erica Antesberger on the right side of this page, or you can go to http://ericaantesberger.wordpress.com


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