Gratitude – Week 2

This past weekend we had a wedding to attend in Pittsburgh. I asked my parents to join us to watch the four children while my husband stood up for his friend and I could be there to attend the festivities along side of him. My husband and I briefly lived in Pittsburgh, 10 years ago, that seems like a long time ago each time I say the words. I only lived there a few months, but those few months were filled with a lot of great memories. One of which being our engagement. Being in the city brought back so many memories, and spending the weekend with friends we left and just being surrounded by the memories of our life there felt good.

I am so very grateful to my husband. This man is amazing. He is not only an amazing man, husband and friend, but an amazing father. I thank god everyday he was brought into my life. With four children it is hard to carve out time for my husband and I. Usually if we get the chance for some time away, it isn’t enough time for me to actually get out of “mommy mode.” This weekend I truly enjoyed the moments of just being with my husband, my best friend…..we laughed, danced and just focused on each other.

All this wouldn’t have been possible without my amazing parents. They are always there for my husband and I, and especially for our children. Without them I would be lost. The kids love them more than anything and they had a great time in the hotel with their nana and papa. I am grateful for my parents.

Everything we do should be a result of our GRATITUDE for what god has done for us. ~Lauren Hill


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