Gratitude- Week 3

As a mother of 4, ages 7 and under, my days can be rewarding, yet difficult at times. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a mother, I cannot imagine not having my four beautiful children, but it gets crazy. They fight, annoy each other, giggle together, get out of control together, and everything in between. We do loud really well in this house. With the kids so close in age I pray that they are close, and on days when they just can’t seem to get along I wonder what I did wrong? Is it me though, Or are they just being siblings?
This past weekend the boys started basketball. Carter tried it last year, he wasn’t all that into it, but we decided to go for it again, and this year Preston is old enough to join him. I was worried Preston would hide behind my husbands leg, and that Carter would be just as he was last year, unenthused, but they proved me wrong. They both participated and seemed to enjoy themselves. In the beginning they did the drills side by side, but soon they were split up, and I would catch each of them looking for the other. This made my heart happy. But this wasn’t what completely melted my heart, at the end they were asked to join the coach at the center of the gym, Carter arrived first, and I watched him pat the ground next to him as he saved a seat for his younger brother. They smiled and sat together, right where they belong.
I realized that though there are days where they fight more than they get along, when push comes to shove these two are brothers and best friends!
I am grateful for the love my kids have for each other, and I hope someday they realize just what a gift having siblings is!


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