Happy first birthday Emi!

Oh my how fast time passes by. A year ago I was blessed with the most beautiful little princess, YOU, Emerson! I couldn’t have ever imagined I would have four babies, each one has blessed my life, and you my sweet angel has completed our beautiful family.
You have changed me as a mother and as a woman. As a mother of three before you, I was sure I had everything figured out, but you proved me wrong. You opened my eyes to realize that all of you are different, each of you your own unique individual. As a woman you have changed me, making me realize things about myself, and making me look at how I want to show you things about the world. This amazing world, but so rough at the same time. I want to be the best mother and woman role model in your life.
You are such a special little princess, you fit so perfectly in this family. I could not imagine my life without you. You stole my heart the moment they placed you in my arms and since then my heart has just grown because the amount of love I feel for you is beyond what words can describe!
Some things I want you to know, that I love about you…right now.
~You LOVE your siblings and your face lights up when you see them.
~You are finally sleeping through the night!!! Yeah!
~You are so close to walking, mommy isn’t pushing you to do that too soon though.
~You love music and you dance every time we put it on. It is so adorable!
~You are just as loud as your siblings. You may be small, but you have a BIG personality!
~Your hair is growing, and I can’t wait till the day I can put a bow in it!
~You love socks, every time I do laundry you dive right in and find socks, you like to put them in your mouth and remind me of a puppy.
~You light up when I walk into the room, and you do give big hugs..that just melts my heart!
~I am still nursing you, twice a day, and because you are my baby I am not sure I am ready to call it quits. It is a special time for you and I, and I feel like you still are a part of me, like when you were growing in my belly.
~You also aren’t too sure you like milk, so I of course worry about stopping nursing. Though your brother and sister didn’t drink milk either at 1.
~You will always be the baby, and for that sometimes I think you will be happy and others maybe not.
~I want you to always grow up knowing that I will forever have your best interest at heart. I pray you will respect me as a mother, but that we can have a beautiful friendship the way I do with my mom. I will love you forever and always, PROMISE.
I hope you have a wonderful birthday my sweet princess. I love you sooooo very much!
Love Mommy! xo



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