Gratitude – Week 8

When I sit here and think about the last year that has passed, I feel full. Sure I think time goes too fast, and that moments are fleeting leaving you feel like you can’t remember and enjoy every minute of the day, but if anything I learned right when I had Emerson is that I want to try every day to take in the big and the small. I knew she was going to be my LAST baby, and that was very difficult for me to wrap my head around, because I just love the baby phase and love the newness of babies and all they bring to the family. But the reality is, that I will always love that phase, that does not mean I should keep having babies. I want to enjoy each of my children and all they bring to the world. I have also learned that each child is different and though I haven’t yet figured out how to successfully parent each child, I love each one so very much and adore the traits even if frustrating at times, that make them different, and similar!

Here are some pictures of my little princess on her first birthday…..Here is to a new chapter my sweet angel!

Emerson, my sweet angel, I hope you know that I love you more than life itself. You are my sunshine, and I adore you. I can’t wait to see what this year holds, and watch you grow and love you more with each passing day! xo


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