Gratitude – Week 12

My love for running didn’t begin when I was a little girl or even in high school. When we would have to run the timed mile I would cringe, but somewhere along the way from college to me living in Boston, I fell in love with running. It became not only a way to stay in shape, but an outlet for me. It helped me gain perspective, and melt stress away. When I met my husband he was a runner too, we actually met at the gym through a mutual friend and our love for running brought us closer. I have run 4 half marathons in 10 1/2 years (3 of them with my husband). I love running, love the way it makes me feel and wish I could do it more often. Something about having four children, a part time job, house and responsibility…makes it a little tough. But I do make an effort 4 days a week to at least get a few miles in. Besides what it does for me, I do it for my babies. I do it so they see me taking steps to be healthy in hopes that they too in turn will make good habits to stay healthy in the future.

I am looking forward to spring actually arriving to run with my three older ones. They have expressed an interest in joining mommy for her runs.
Here is a pic I fell in love precious little girl trying to lace up mommies sneakers, and go for a run!


Some more of my favorites from the last week or two!
auto-52 On the move..well when she feels like it!
auto-33 Tired out!
auto-12 My helper
auto-38 My little sassy princess

On the go!

auto-23 Brown eyed handsome little man!

auto and we lost another tooth!

auto-4 brothers!

Babies, growing up…sigh

auto-28 My Emi, you will never be too big to lounge on my lap!


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