Gratitude – Week 20

I came across these words on the faith & composition website….A heart fully alive demands a certain amount of bravery, and something about it grabbed a hold of me! I think this is something that is so true about motherhood. Something I am so grateful for, but sometimes the journey is so raw and exhausting that we need to be brave enough to pick ourselves up and show our bravery. There are days that I feel all I do is fail. Each step leads to another failure in my eyes and I feel like there is nothing I can do right, but I have to be brave. I have to be brave for these four babies that I have been so blessed with. They need to see a mama that forgives herself and forgives the world around her!
Bravery is part of motherhood.
Being brave to let your heart walk around outside your body forever because that is exactly what happens when you give birth to a baby.
Brave enough to let go of the little hands that used to hold onto you so tight because they want to expand their wings and explore this amazing and big world around them.
Brave enough to say no when it is easier to say yes.
Brave enough to give one more ounce of yourself when you are all out of “stuff” to give.
Brave enough to have faith in yourself that you are giving all you can and giving what these little ones need to succeed in the cruel and big world!
The list can go on and on. Everyday is another day we need to put on our capes as moms and be BRAVE!

I am so grateful that I am blessed to be a mother to these four amazing little ones. I truly cannot imagine not being their mom. untitled-76

And mothers day isn’t a reason for me to celebrate my mom, I celebrate her everyday. She is the most giving, selfless, strong, compassionate, loving woman. She is my mother and I am so blessed to have her! If I become half the woman my mother is I feel I will be happy! She is my rock in good times and bad, she is my best friend and always has been, and there has NEVER been a time she wasn’t there for me!

And because of my mother, I have three amazing sisters! My oldest sister a mother herself to two boys, they are so lucky to have her. She is strong in ways I am not sure I would always be! And my two younger sisters, they have been amazing aunts to my four babies, they love unconditionally, and bring joy to our lives! I am grateful and BLESSED!


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