Gratitude – Week 26

The end of the school year is upon us…Parties, graduations, minimal homework, a desire to be outside, end of baseball season for both boys and summer vacation is so close we can feel it!

Weather is amazing, too good not to enjoy while at the park. Emerson is enjoying the freedom, and becoming a little adventurous, too much at times for mommas nerves! Oh the joy though, I can feel it through my babies.
Layla loves to fly high on the swing!
Preston found his way to the big sandbox, I call it the litter box, but only young once!
Missing my carter, soon he will be out of school enjoying these days too!

My sweet girls, still so much innocence. I love to watch Layla with her baby dolls, such a nurturer. She is actually very nurturing to Emerson too, I love to see the bond grow.

Though it is nice to feel my bed free of kids through the night, mornings like these will be so few and far between as the years slip by so I will try to enjoy the warmth of little bodies a little longer!
Morning slumber is so beautiful!

And my sweet Emerson….16 months old. I love the way you smell everything, your blanket gives you peace! My precious little one watching you grow gives me so much joy!


Mother’s hold their childs hand for a moment but their hearts for a lifetime! My babies you will forever occupy my heart, love you forever and always..PROMISE!


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