Gratitude – Week 37

Happy 18 months my sweet Emerson!

Time is passing too quickly. Its like sand slipping through my fingers. I remember the moment you were born as if it were just yesterday. You are growing and changing every day and I absolutely love watching you learn new things. You are strong, loving, energetic, demanding at times, filled with joy, and have a lot of love for your siblings! You are jumping, running, laughing, talking a little, you like to do all the things your siblings do, and do not like to be told no! You sleep great, and are definitely a mama’s girl, but like your sister have your father wrapped right around your tiny little finger! You bring so much joy into our lives and you COMPLETE our family in every sense of the word! You are amazing and I love spending my days with you. Thank you for making me your mama, I couldn’t be more blessed! I love you always and forever…PROMISE!



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