Happy 8th Birthday Carter!

There is a boy, his name is Carter, he is something and someone so very special and has done a lot of special things in his short life….one of the most amazing gifts is that he made me “MOM.” He stole my heart from the moment I laid eyes on him and I couldn’t have imagined how deeply I could love before him.

To my Carter…
How is it you are 8 already. I remember the day you were placed in my arms, the tiny fingers and toes, the cute little nose and big eyes that would look up at me. I remember snuggling with you, and rocking you. I remember stumbling through my days unsure I was doing this motherhood thing right, but praying to god and doing the very best I could. I remember the raspy voice I wished you would never outgrow, the way you used to hop when you were excited, and just the way you always loved to and still do, cuddle and show love!

You are such an amazing boy, and I pray each day that you realize just how amazing you are, and always be confident in yourself. I hope always find joy and do the things you love. Be who you are and never let anyone change you, because you are amazing, special and just perfect the way you are. I love you beyond measure and I promise to always be there for you! I love you always and forever..PROMISE! xo Mom!



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