Happy 6th Birthday Preston!

My sweet Preston turned 6 a week and a half ago! When I look at this amazing little boy it seems like yesterday they placed him in my arms for the very first time, but in reality 6 years have flown by….How is it he is 6 already. It stops me in my tracks, the sadness that comes over me that I can’t always remember the way his tiny hand felt in mine, or the way he looked at me while I rocked him, or the sound of his breathing as I held him for hours on end….I want to remember all those moments. I want to remember those moments and so much more with all my babies. It took me a couple kids to really realize how fleeting time is and I tend to appreciate those little things much more now!
So we celebrated our Preston! Our sweet soul, that can make us smile with his smile, and his laughter fills my soul. The way he lets me show him affection, not the way the others do, but it is all him. I celebrate this boy who stole my heart and makes me love him more everyday!

To Preston I hope you know how amazing you are! I will always be your number one fan! Thank you for being mine. Love you forever and always…Promise!

Some things about you Preston at this very moment in time!
-You love stuffed animals. I joke that eventually we are going to have to buy another bed as I am not sure yours will not be taken over by all the stuffed animals
-You love video games/minecraft/anything electronic
-You are more introverted than your older brother, but so unique and I love you just the way you are
-Sometimes you are unsure of yourself and what you have to offer and I want to show you just how amazing you are! If only you could see yourself through my eyes.
-You love sports! You are the first to grab a ball, get on your scooter, etc. I love it!
-You love your siblings, and I think that if push came to shove you’d show layla you adored her too!
-You are smart, handsome, funny, loving, sensitive, and just so very AWSOME!


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