Gratitude – End of 2014 Celebrations

The babes were very excited for Christmas, the older 3 couldn’t contain their excitement!  It makes this time of year that much more magical.

Christmas Eve: Traditions continue, and the older one asked if we could always go to Nana and Papa’s house on Christmas Eve!  Traditions are important to me and I pray that they will be important to them.

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Christmas Morning:  The older three couldn’t wait for me to wake up Emerson…..


First look down stairs…santa was here!!!!


My four presents…the only ones that will ever matter!


They got everything they wanted…the xbox was the most exciting.

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The littlest enjoying her playhouse accessories!

More tradition: Enjoying a family dinner at “Nona’s.”

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The weather has been amazing for it being December…. We let the kids detox a little and took them to the rail trail to ride their scooters and play at the park!

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With each of us trying to make traditions for our babes, my sister and my mom have for years had Christmas a few days following the actual day.  The last few years we have enjoyed this tradition and we exchange gifts with my sister’s kiddos too.  The cousins get to spend some time together, and that is really the best gift of all!

untitled-125 untitled-127 untitled-118 untitled-119 untitled-128 untitled-131 untitled-123 untitled-130 untitled-124 untitled-133 untitled-134


And my princess…this is just who she is right this very moment in time…princess who loves football (fitball in her words).


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