Our Days…..

Daddy sure does adore his girls, he adores all his babes, and it shows!  They adore him too!

untitled-70 untitled-65

More sick days……when will the sickness leave our house, says my oldest.


Sick days lead to bonding for these two!  Nothing more fun than splashing in the tub for an hour!

untitled-3 untitled-7 untitled-9 untitled-15 untitled-19 untitled-23 untitled-25 untitled-29 untitled-31 untitled-35 untitled-37 untitled-39 untitled-40

Its a party when the boys get home, music, friendships, just all out fun!

untitled-42 untitled-41

My Preston sure does have an interest in reading and I love it!  He was so excited to bring this book home (Captain Underpants), and I told him the story of how he used to run around in his underwear all the time and even wear a cape from time to time!  He is my Captain Underpants!

untitled-51 untitled-52 untitled-49 untitled-48 untitled-46 untitled-43

His smile is infectious!

My Emerson is such a sleeper and so often I have to wake her to go here and there…ahhh the life of number 4.

untitled-53 untitled-56 untitled-61

My biggest, he is growing up way too fast!  Little does he know that he will forever be my baby!


Life isn’t about finding yourself, Life is about creating yourself! ~unknown

I love watching my loves create who they are and going to be!


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