Days of winter!

Our days are full…full of life, full of laughter, full of tears, full of tantrums, but most of all it’s filled with LOVE!  Loving each other and learning to love ourselves and following and listening to god!

Snow days = Jammie days = Video games = bonding over minecraft!


I want to remember what their little hands looked like doing what they love!

untitled-7 untitled-8

Snow!!! We have been getting a lot of snow, and the kids, well for the most part like to play in the snow, so we took the kids to their elementary school to go sledding!  Miss Emerson wouldn’t put on her snow pants or boots or hat or gloves…shocker, so we sat in the car!  I wasn’t able to get great shots of the kids with the limited light, but I took a few to remember the moments together!

untitled-10 untitled-12 untitled-13 untitled-16

my babe on her brothers skateboard!!!

untitled-19 untitled-22

Bathtime! Emerson is growing to fast.  She now wants to brush her own hair!

untitled-28 untitled-30

who can resist lashes??? Not this momma!

untitled-33 untitled-37

Love her wild ways…..she might now have a ton of hair but she sure does know how to shake it!

untitled-39 untitled-40 untitled-43

untitled-48 untitled-49

The other three!!

untitled-45 untitled-52 untitled-55 untitled-47 untitled-54 untitled-57


The girls playing dress up!

untitled-58 untitled-59 untitled-63 untitled-66 untitled-68

Carter practicing giving communion…He has been interested in this since he is preparing for his first communion in May.  He has also been reading the bible (a childrens book version), and it makes me proud that he is finding his faith!

untitled-69 untitled-73 untitled-76 untitled-77

Bonding over family game night!

untitled-87 untitled-90 untitled-93 untitled-109 untitled-112 untitled-113

As she approaches her second birthday, I am drawn to capturing her littleness.

untitled-79 untitled-82 untitled-83 untitled-95 untitled-100


untitled-96 untitled-98 untitled-101 untitled-102 untitled-104 untitled-106 untitled-124 untitled-126 untitled-128

My biggest…growing too fast….reading and writing!  I am so very proud of the boy he has become!

untitled-114 untitled-116 untitled-118

God, give me the faith of a little child who trusts without questioning, who simply and gladly believes your word without doubt. ~unknown


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