It’s been a while…..Happy birthday Emerson!

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind.  Winter has been never ending, the kids had a week off of school, and during that week, my baby turned 2.  I can’t even believe it, as the words escape my lips I feel some sadness that I no longer have a baby in the house.  Of course my four children will always be “My Babies”, but you know what I mean.  I will miss the baby stages, but look forward to watching these amazing little ones become who they were meant to be!

So here has been our last few weeks in pictures…

untitled untitled-6 untitled-2 untitled-20 untitled-13 untitled-17 untitled-26 untitled-27 untitled-29 untitled-40 untitled-38 untitled-36 untitled-41 untitled-47 untitled-50

untitled-84 untitled-65 untitled-63 untitled-59 untitled-50 untitled-2

These biggest and my littlest, their bond is amazing!  They love each other beyond words.

untitled-90 untitled-103 untitled-99 untitled-94 untitled-93


Valentines day!

untitled-75 untitled-70 untitled-67 untitled-80 untitled-81 untitled-77 untitled-73

Morning breakfast with this one is always fun!

untitled-15 untitled-21 untitled-26 untitled-23 untitled-32 untitled-38 untitled-43

Good Moring Birthday Girl….

The little girl with so much love and personality!  WE are so thankful for you my sweet girl!  I hope that you know today and everyday how very much you are loved.

I am looking forward to celebrating you each and everyday!

untitled-104 untitled-105 untitled-108 untitled-106

Some Brotherly Birthday Love!!!!

untitled-109 untitled-110

So full of smiles and spunk, I adore you my baby girl!

untitled-118 untitled-115 untitled-119


Off to Chuck-E-Cheese for this girly’s birthday…..

untitled-125 untitled-130 untitled-132 untitled-122 untitled-124 untitled-131 untitled-133 untitled-128

Celebrating our girl with family dinner..waiting for Nana and Papa and Aunt Lauren to come over!



untitled-179 untitled-180 untitled-182 untitled-186 untitled-187 untitled-189 untitled-190 untitled-191

Enjoying her big present from Nana and Papa!

untitled-202 untitled-201 untitled-196 untitled-200 untitled-204

Tubby time… and No where to be on a cold winter day!

She’s growing up so fast!!!

untitled-206 untitled-209 untitled-210

untitled-213 untitled-215 untitled-219 untitled-216 untitled-218

Many faces of my beautiful daughter!

untitled-135 untitled-137 untitled-140 untitled-143 untitled-149 untitled-153 untitled-160 untitled-158 untitled-162 untitled-166

untitled-53 untitled-52

Emerson with her Godparents! She sure is LOVED!

untitled-56 untitled-58 untitled-59



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