And finally….glimpse of spring!

For weeks now I have felt like spring was never going to come, and maybe this is preemptive, but this past week has been nice.  The sun shining, warmer temps, oh how it is so nice to enjoy some time outside.  The babes have cabin fever, and honestly so do I!

Waiting for Pap Pap to arrive !  A weekend of fun on the horizon.

untitled-2 untitled-8 untitled-9 untitled-15 untitled-21 untitled-25 untitled-27 untitled-28 untitled-32 untitled-33 untitled-35

“Presents are always a part of the weekends with Pap Pap….we make up for birthdays and Christmas.  It’s kindof nice to have it spread out like this, I feel the kids appreciate the gifts and those that give to them more!


untitled-38 untitled-39 untitled-43

Last day of Basketball….Preston hasn’t been participating the past two weeks, he is burnt out, I get it!  But I love this program and look forward to it each year.  Bring on Spring and new sports!

untitled-45 untitled-47 untitled-48 untitled-51 untitled-52

And exploring the world around us!  I am excited to see Emerson this spring and summer, how she views the world around her and her joy in the little things.  This day it was the puddles and walking down the street.  She is two, full of life and I enjoy her JOY!  One of the greatest gifts of having children is experiencing childhood over again through their eyes!

untitled-57 untitled-59 untitled-60 untitled-62 untitled-66 untitled-70 untitled-71 untitled-74 untitled-75 untitled-78 untitled-81 untitled-85 untitled-87 untitled-90 untitled-91 untitled-93 untitled-95 untitled-97 untitled-101 untitled-106 untitled-108 untitled-111


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