Learning and discovering…and the joy…for us both

Its amazing that you can live in a town all your life (minus years here and there in other places), and never really explore all it has to offer.  I missed the boat with my older babes, by not taking them to this amazing library filled with things to do, and now that they are in school all day I am sad I didn’t do these things with them. I vow to try to explore new places with all my babes from this point on.

I truly love watching this little one explore and learn.  Since she is the fourth and last, she definitely does more at a faster pace…I guess its keeping up with the bigger ones!  This is our exploration of our local library!

untitled-5 untitled-7 untitled-3 untitled-10 untitled-21 untitled-24 untitled-27 untitled-34 untitled-38 untitled-44

I want to remember the little things, they way her hands build blocks so tall, the way her shoes sparkle (when she actually wears them..lol), the way her mouth pouts when she concentrates and is exploring and learning..I want to remember it all!

untitled-46 untitled-52 untitled-53 untitled-55 untitled-57 untitled-61 untitled-65 untitled-72


Sick day tubbies are a bonus!

untitled-79 untitled-81


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