Making strides….

This post is dedicated to my older daughter Layla.  She is such a spunky, athletic, smart, beautiful 4 1/2 year old.  She is a lot like me though and has always been more timid in new situations and has always felt more comfortable close to those she loves and feels comfortable with.  Last year in preschool, she really struggled. She would sit on the carpet and not talk or play with any of the other little kids, it made me very sad.  I tried to be supportive all the while encouraging her that having friends is a gift in our lives.  I have nurtured my friendships in front of her and around her so she can see how important they are, and she has slowly made improvements.  This year in preschool it was a rough start, but since the new year we switched her to everyday, just in the am, and it has helped tremendously.  She has become good friends with a couple little girls in her class, they adore Layla and encourage her to join them in playing and reading, and she is happy.  Recently I asked Layla if she wanted to try gymnastics, and her close friend also was looking to start a program, so she said yes and we signed her up!  I can’t tell you how incredibly proud I am of her.  This is no easy, if it was a room with just me and her friends, and her family, she would soar, but being around strangers is intimidating, but she did AMAZING!  I pray that this is a stepping stone for her and that it will help her spread her wings a little more!

So to my amazing, beautiful daughter, I love you more than you know and I am so proud of you!  I hope you love gymnastics as much as I did, because I sure do love watching you!

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