Spring has sprung….FINALLY

Layla has decided she doesn’t want to do gymnastics…sigh!  I can’t force her to step out of her comfort zone, as much as I wish that would work, she has to want this for herself.  I can only be her number one cheerleader, the one she can always count on to encourage her and support her, and with that I will be happy.  I am happy she tried, I am happy she smiled, I am happy she is happy with not continuing rather than unhappy with staying.

untitled-2 untitled-11


Spring Break…exploring new places!

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Layla got a new bike..much to my dismay she is growing too fast and needed one!

untitled-52 untitled-54 untitled-55 untitled-57


Coloring Easter Eggs!

untitled-59 untitled-62 untitled-63 untitled-64 untitled-65 untitled-68 untitled-69 untitled-70 untitled-71 untitled-74

Happy Easter.  Wish I had gotten one of the four of them, but Emerson was under the weather and she slept in.  Maybe next year!

untitled-75 untitled-76 untitled-78 untitled-79 untitled-80 untitled-82

Hanging with my girlies!  Enjoying spring and sunshine.

untitled-84 untitled-85 untitled-87 untitled-88 untitled-91 untitled-93 untitled-95 untitled-96 untitled-99 untitled-104 untitled-105 untitled-107 untitled-108 untitled-109 untitled-111 untitled-114 untitled-115 untitled-117 untitled-119 untitled-121 untitled-123 untitled-124 untitled-125 untitled-126 untitled-127


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