Letting them be little….

Sometimes I think that motherhood is hard, it isn’t always roses and sunshine.  There are days feelings of failure loom over like a dark cloud, and sunshine seems so far away.  It isn’t always easy to tell ourselves  that it is ok not to be perfect, that we are enough, or that we are exactly what our babies need.

Then come days where success triumphs failure and all seems right in my little world!

No matter what though, motherhood is a journey, and it is the most amazing job I have.  I love my four children more than life itself and all that matters is that they realize that I would do anything for them! I thank god everyday for them and that they make me MOM!

Here is a glimpse into the moments of their childhood!

This is what happens when you skip nap, sit down for 10 minutes before having to get the boys from school!


When spring finally arrives….can we go to the park becomes an everyday question!

untitled-18 untitled-15 untitled-11 untitled-9

Sometimes keeping up with all my daily responsibilities takes over and I don’t set aside one on one time like my heart desires…but this day I told her I’d go outside with just her while her sister napped!

untitled-33 untitled-26 untitled-30 untitled-39 untitled-58

warm days, sun kissing our skin, practicing sports, running wild…LOVE

untitled-15 untitled-19 untitled-54 untitled-41 untitled-29 untitled-33 untitled-38 untitled-49 untitled-56 untitled-10 untitled-3

And then it seems spring doesn’t want to stick around.  It goes from high 60’s to rainy 40-50’s!  Brr…..

untitled-63 untitled-60 untitled-72 untitled-70 untitled-77 untitled-78 untitled-79 untitled-80

and I couldn’t decide bnw or color?

I signed Emerson up for Lil Learners, unfortunately Layla is in school everyday now so she doesn’t get the chance to come with us, but I do get some fun one on one time with the littlest!

untitled-2 untitled-4 untitled-6 untitled-8 untitled-11 untitled-13 untitled-15 untitled-16 untitled-17 untitled-20 untitled-21 untitled-22 untitled-23 untitled-24 untitled-27 untitled-28 untitled-34 untitled-35 untitled-38 untitled-40 untitled-41


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