It has been a while…..

It has been over a month since I have posted….Life has just gotten busy as the weather has gotten nicer.  Finally spring has sprung, and we have been taking advantage of it. Winter was just way too long!

We visited a few of our local ice cream shops that the kiddos love!

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They just happen to have a park there, so I think the kids like to go there for the park more than the ice cream!

Here is little miss Emerson.  She is so sassy, spunky, funny, full of energy and life.  My mornings are spent with just her, running around, errands, running on the trail and park fun.  Here are just a things I love about her:  Her facial expressions amuse me, she has so many.  She is so expressive and I just adore that about her.  Her shoes, if you know Emerson you know that there are some days she refuses to wear shoes at all.  I call it the shoe chronicles.  You never know what mood she’ll be in, I just have to roll with it and when she doesn’t feel like wearing them, I just look at the bright side that I get to hold her just a little bit longer.  Some day she won’t need me and want me to hold her anymore…sigh :(.

untitled-23 untitled-28

I am always amazed at how even the littlest enjoys technology!  She loves looking through my pictures.


 Every day, without fail, Emerson asks to go to the park.  Even on the busiest of days I try to give her at least 15 minutes.



Her excitement at learning how to climb up the latter bars!



Oh no little one, I will not let you grow up too fast…..




The boys have been less than thrilled to play lacrosse.



Preston and his closest friend Gavyn!






Hugs and kisses to you my littlest one!


Even though this outdoor sandbox grosses me out, I will let her play in hopes that her getting used to the sand now will allow for a smoother vacation at the beach this year.



Warm days of hopscotch, playing in water, leaving their mark for me to find.  It’s their littleness that I will miss, their need for me, their desire to explore their world.

untitled-4 untitled-8

Playing MOM!

untitled-10 untitled-14 untitled-15


And my biggest….Just celebrated his first communion.  How is this possible.  How is he old enough?  I am so incredible grateful for this boy.  He made me mom and that is so special.  I watch him grow in his faith and I am so incredibly proud.  I hope and pray that he follows his heart, and grows closer to god each and everyday.  God bless this amazing boy!

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Finishing up our session at Lil Learners.  My baby loves art and this one on one time with her momma and I so adore this time with her!  I spy a heart on one of her hands, can you spot it?  I love little things like this that I find!

untitled-4 untitled-5 untitled-11 untitled-15

Looking at this picture below, you would think that she was the athlete of the family…in a way she is!  She is the first to have a ball, cleats, helmet, etc.  But she will in no way participate in organized sport.  That is ok, there will come a day when she is ready!  For now I love watching her desire to run and play and be carefree…being Layla..amazing!


Mother’s day with my favorite ladies and my family!

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It was like we went from winter to in between.  I just pray that this weather lasts and that we don’t have an early summer and have no summer when the kiddos are out!

untitled-37 untitled-41 untitled-46 untitled-48 untitled-54 untitled-58 untitled-65 untitled-70 untitled-74 untitled-78 untitled-79 untitled-82

We are definitely counting down the days till summer vacation!  This momma can’t wait 🙂





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