Congratulations Layla….

My Layla, well where do I begin?  She is the one who is most like me.  Sometimes it is like looking in the mirror, which is scary.  Layla has always been a timid, shy child in new situations around new people.  But at home, she is CRAZY, FUN, filled with energy and spunk.

I have always watched her and felt her struggles around new people.  She would hide behind me, say nothing most of the time, and some may have seen it as rudeness, but I know better, it is such an anxious feeling for her, and it was just a part of her.  Lately knowing preschool was coming to an end, I have been trying really hard to get her to spread her wings a bit and enjoy this time in her life, for she has earned the right to celebrate.  I asked her to participate in her kindergarten screening, practice for graduation with her class and the actual graduation ceremony for preschool.  I told her sometimes it seems difficult to put ourselves out there and do things that don’t feel so comfortable, but if she tried, she would be rewarded.

Well what do you know, she did it…she did it all!  I am so incredibly proud of her.  She set aside fear, uncertainty and pushed through.  She had smiles, excitement and fun along the way!

So to my Layla…May you always know how very much I love and adore you!  I am always here for you…ALWAYS!  I hope that you continue to spread your wings, and know that you are so beautiful inside and out!  You have so much to offer this great big world and I can’t wait to see you write your own story!  Congratulations on your completion of Preschool and to the next chapter of your life…KINDERGARTEN!  I love you always and forever..PROMISE!!!!!

Here is a glimpse into her end of the year festivities!

End of year field trip to highland park!

untitled-4 untitled-6

Here besties!  These girls are a big part of her growth.  I am so thankful for them.  We will miss them next year as all three will be attending different schools 😦

untitled-8 untitled-15

Last Day of School!

untitled-17 untitled-21 untitled-22 untitled-25

These two ladies…oh my where to begin.  Their love, dedication, patience and kindness in giving what Layla needed this year is greatly appreciated and I feel so blessed that they were her teachers.

untitled-26 untitled-28

Preschool Graduation has arrived!

untitled-29 untitled-37 untitled-40 untitled-42 untitled-38 untitled-41 untitled-45 untitled-46 untitled-47 untitled-51 untitled-52 untitled-55 untitled-56 untitled-58 untitled-59


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