Carter….a natural leader!

To say that I am satisfied with the school my boys attend, is a complete understatement!  It is such an amazing place to grow in learning and community.  Recently I received a phone call from the school counselor letting me know that Carter had been nominated for the Compass award.  This award for grades K-2 and the lighthouse award for grades 3-5 are only given out twice a year.  It is an honor to be nominated, but for Carter and us as his parents it was more of an honor to be selected to receive this award!  Both teachers and peers were interviewed on Carter’s behalf and because of the impact he has on them, and his leadership in the classroom, he was chosen!

The Compass Award is an award to recognize the student for their leadership skills and for how they treat others.  They both show this every day by their actions and their words; They are true examples of kindness, cooperation, hard work, caring, perseverance, and leadership that others want to follow.  Just like a compass and lighthouse, they guide the way!

His teacher nominated him for this award, and had as she always has, such nice things to say about Carter. It is his personality, his desire to lead, that won this award.  He is genuinely caring toward his peers and his siblings and is a very responsible young boy!  He is a natural leader in so many ways!  I am so incredible proud of him, my heart swelled as I watched him receive this award!

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