Family Love

The past few weeks have been filled to the brim…weddings, bridal showers, family hikes, school functions and ceremonies, park fun, end of school stuff and so much more!  I am sooooo ready for summer vacation!

After school park fun for girlies!

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The amazing in the ordinary at home!  I absolutely am my happiest when we are all home together.  When I hear the giggling and playing of all four together, it is pure joy!

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Memorial day weekend fun!

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The littlest one always asks…..park?  Say yes more is my mantra, especially because it has been nice out!

untitled-6 untitled-13

A family wedding at the farmers museum in Cooperstown!  The kids could have chased the animals all day!

untitled-14 untitled-16 untitled-20 untitled-22 untitled-26 untitled-27 untitled-28 untitled-29 untitled-30 untitled-76 untitled-78 untitled-79 untitled-80 untitled-83 untitled-82

Emerson finally got on a horse.  Each year we ride the local carousels, I love that we have this in our area!


Giving children your time is more valuable then any tangible gifts……I cannot wait to give my children my time and experiences this summer!  Bring on the memories!



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