Catching up!

Wow, what a whirlwind summer has been.  I cannot believe that there is only 4 weeks left of summer…sigh!

Here is a recap on our first trip of the summer to visit family in PA!

1st day…Celebrating Layla’s Birthday with Pap Pap and Grandma Barb!

untitled-64 untitled-70 untitled-76 untitled-72 untitled-79 untitled-78

A family dinner! Cousins, grandparents, great grandparents, nothing better!

untitled-86 untitled-88 untitled-95 untitled-100

untitled-92 untitled-89

Trampoline fun at our cousins!

untitled-104 untitled-106 untitled-108 untitled-102

Celebrating the fourth of July with great friends in Pittsburgh!

untitled-119 untitled-120 untitled-123 untitled-125 untitled-127 untitled-132 untitled-138 untitled-143 untitled-152 untitled-154 untitled-159 untitled-161 untitled-163  Till Next year Pealers!

More family BBQ and fun!

untitled-170 untitled-172 untitled-176 untitled-179 untitled-181 untitled-182 untitled-192 untitled-193

The many faces of Emerson!

untitled-43 untitled-38 untitled-39 untitled-41 untitled-42 untitled-47 untitled-48 untitled-49 untitled-37 untitled-34 untitled-32 untitled-28 untitled-29 untitled-24

Our annual amusement park trip!  Different park this year, delgroso’s was great!

untitled-51 untitled-52 untitled-56 untitled-199 untitled-200 untitled-201 untitled-204 untitled-206 untitled-208 untitled-209 untitled-211 untitled-212 untitled-213 untitled-215  untitled-220 untitled-218 untitled-222 untitled-224 untitled-226 untitled-227 untitled-228 untitled-229 untitled-230 untitled-231 untitled-234 untitled-236 untitled-244 untitled-248 untitled-253 untitled-256 untitled-258 untitled-259

It’s always sad to see this trip come to an end……many memories are made, laughter, love and family.

Swimming with friends upon our return…

untitled-260 untitled-264 untitled-262 untitled-265 untitled-266 untitled-267


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