FINALLY….Our beach vacation!

This year vacation did not disappoint!  The weather was amazing….kids had a blast, milestones met, Emerson liked the beach and even went in ocean…and so much more!  It was very sad to leave.

It has taken me a long time to get through these pictures because there were just so many of them…I wanted to capture every moment of our vacation!

untitled-2 untitled-8 untitled-11 untitled-13 untitled-17 untitled-15 untitled-25 untitled-35 untitled-31 untitled-26 untitled-28 untitled-33 untitled-34 untitled-36 untitled-37 untitled-39 untitled-46 untitled-48 untitled-51 untitled-52 untitled-56 untitled-57 untitled-58 untitled-61 untitled-63 untitled-66 untitled-64 untitled-70

I am so incredibly proud of the boys…they set their mind to it and learned to swim all on their own!

untitled-76 untitled-80 untitled-82 untitled-83 untitled-88 untitled-90

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your children truly enjoy each other!  Lots of laughter while boogy boarding!

untitled-100 untitled-103 untitled-95 untitled-110 untitled-115 untitled-118 untitled-120 untitled-124 untitled-126 untitled-132 untitled-138 untitled-145 untitled-152 untitled-157 untitled-158 untitled-161 untitled-179 untitled-198 untitled-190 untitled-262 untitled-264

My four loves!  BEACH BUMS 🙂

untitled-219 untitled-222 untitled-223 untitled-226 untitled-227

We had the pleasure of having my sister and her family drop by for some swimming and dinner!

untitled-232 untitled-229 untitled-230 untitled-234 untitled-235 untitled-257 untitled-256 untitled-258 untitled-203 untitled-266 untitled-274 untitled-279 untitled-280 untitled-275 untitled-284 untitled-285 untitled-288 untitled-290 untitled-289 untitled-294 untitled-296 untitled-298 untitled-299 untitled-300 untitled-301 untitled-302 untitled-303 untitled-305 untitled-306 untitled-314 untitled-318 untitled-326 untitled-338 untitled-339 untitled-343 untitled-346 untitled-356 untitled-359 untitled-360 untitled-361 untitled-368 untitled-371 untitled-372 untitled-373 untitled-374 untitled-375 untitled-378 untitled-381 untitled-385 untitled-386 untitled-388 untitled-389 untitled-390 untitled-393 untitled-394 untitled-395


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