Playing catch up!

To say the past few months have been busy is a complete understatement!  I have been taking a ton of pictures, we had more summer adventures after our blissful beach vacation, and then school started and soccer for the older three began.  So now I am making my way through all those wonderful moments captured.

My four babes….I know how it feels to have my heart walk outside my body.  These four are my world and I adore them more than they could ever possibly know!

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A nature walk to a creek near my close friends house!  This is the second year we have done this and one of my most favorite summer adventures.  It’s no secret my kids like video games, but when you get them in nature, they absolutely love to explore the world around them!  And spending time with our oldest friends is the most precious treasure of all!

untitled-8 untitled-10 untitled-14 untitled-16

I found this heart shaped stone and couldn’t resist!

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Visiting our favorite pizza place and even better he has the best Italian ice!  Summer time is the BEST!

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Our area is known for its carousel’s.  We have six in our area.  It is a hit no matter the age.

untitled-84 untitled-85 untitled-87 untitled-89 untitled-90 untitled-91 untitled-92

Our adventure to Hershey park!!!!  We planned this trip with friends of ours and it was a hit!

untitled-94 untitled-98 untitled-102 untitled-105 untitled-106 untitled-107 untitled-108

I took the kids and a couple of their friends to Animal Adventure!

untitled untitled-3

My four loves!  It doesn’t get much better than this.

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Mini golf!

untitled-53 untitled-56 untitled-58 untitled-59 untitled-60 untitled-61

Fishing and camping with amazing friends!

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These two have been friends since they were born!  We took a trip to the Ithaca Science Center, and I love that I captured their friendship.  No matter how much time passes, they pick up right where they left off!


Soccer Season begins!

untitled-64 untitled-56 untitled-55 untitled-51 untitled-65 untitled-59 untitled-60

Last of the park adventures for the summer with all four of my babes :(….

untitled-70 untitled-73 untitled-78 untitled-85 untitled-80 untitled-79 untitled-82

Our final summer adventure…Ithaca!  Hiking, fishing, picnicking..making memories!  PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!

untitled-87 untitled-92 untitled-89 untitled-93 untitled-94 untitled-95 untitled-100 untitled-98 untitled-103 untitled-101 untitled-105 untitled-106 untitled-107 untitled-110 untitled-114 untitled-111 untitled-115 untitled-116

My most favorite place!  The world has so many beautiful treasures we just have to open our eyes and heart and see them!







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