Happy 6th Birthday my sweet LAYLA!

My oh my, how does time slip away so quickly?  I remember the moment this sweet little girl was placed in my arms.  Now, 6 years later she fills this home and our lives with so much joy, excitement, love and energy.  I am unsure of what life was like before her!

My Layla, you are full of life.  Your zest, athleticism, intelligence, love for life amaze me!  you are a great sister, tough at times, but so soft and caring toward each of your siblings.  I see a lot of myself when I look at you, but I think that in just your short years on this earth you have pushed through some tough stuff and come out of your shell more than I ever dreamed of doing!  You are strong, and beautiful inside and out and I only hope that you know that you can do anything.  Dream big and go for those dreams no matter what!  I love you beyond measure, and am your number one fan.  I will forever be here for you, through thick and thin.  Happy birthday my sweet princess, I look forward to seeing what 6 brings!

xoxo Love you forever and Always, PROMISE..mom!


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